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Coolabilities Presented at the UN Autism Advantage Event

01st Apr 2017

    Here is my speech at the World Autism Advantage Event at the United Nations, March 31 2017: (more about coolabilities here) Ladies and Gentlemen,  I thank the organizers...

GOOD JOBS AS A SERVICE (GJAAS) The Customer Needs to Earn A Living

24th Feb 2017

“Good Jobs As A Service (GJAAS) – The Customer Needs to Earn A Living ” is the provocative theme of the i4j Yearly Summit 2017 From the worker’s point of view,...

i4j Book: Disrupting Unemployment

24th Mar 2016

  “Disrupting Unemployment” (on Amazon) by i4j co-founders David Nordfors and Vint Cerf, along with  managing editor Max Senges published by the i4j Leadership Forum and the Kauffman Foundation, has been released.  The book reframes the future of...

The Idea Behind i4j Innovation for Jobs and “Disrupting Unemployment”

15th Mar 2016

i4j co-founders Vint Cerf and David Nordfors present the idea behind Innovation for Jobs and present the i4j book “Disrupting Unemployment” . Produced by Silvina Moschini.

Matching Talent With Opportunity

12th Mar 2016

The Gig Economy

12th Mar 2016