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Some Initiatives for people-friendly AI

Future of Work: Great Jobs As A Service. The Worker is the Customer

David Nordfors is CEO of the IIIJ Foundation, and co-founder and co-chair of the Innovation 4 Jobs Summit.  Producer: Martin Wasserman David explains the provocative idea behind the i4j Summit 2017. From the worker’s point of view, a job is a service for earning a living.  Every worker wants a good service, but it is […]

i4j Thought Leader: Pete Hartigan

Pete Hartigan is Managing Partner of Marketplace Funds Produced by Martin Wasserman

i4j Thought Leader: Kartik Gada

Kartik Gada, investment banker and Executive Director at Woodside Capital Partners, where he specializes in AI investments. Producer: Martin Wasserman

i4j Thought Leader: Joon Yun

Joon Yun, M.D., President of Palo Alto Investors LLC which invests heavily in healthcare. He recently agreed to donate a $1,000,000 prize for progress in reversing the aging process. Producer: Martin Wasserman

i4j Thought Leader: Curt Carlson

Curt Carlson, former President and CEO of SRI International, Founder and CEO of Practice of Innovation, and a leading expert in the field of innovation. Producer: Martin Wasserman

i4j Thought Leader: Chally Grundwag

Chally Grundwag, lead researcher of the Coolabilities Project, which seeks to discover useful and valuable abilities in people who are otherwise considered disabled Producer: Martin Wasserman

i4j Thought Leader: Thorkil Sonne

Thorkil Sonne, director and president of the Specialisterne Foundation,  which finds high quality employment for people with autism Producer: Martin Wasserman

i4j Thought Leader: Daniel Doktori

Daniel Doktori is chief of staff and general counsel of Credly, a company that enables you to develop your own set of digital credentials that you control, and that employers can rely on for accuracy. Producer: Martin Wasserman