i4j Munich: Kaigham Gabriel, Executive Vice President Motorola Mobility (Deutsche Welle)

“Jobs are better created through innovation by actually ignoring job creation. The purpose of innovation should be to create new capabilities, wealth. In the course of creating this, jobs will be created. If we start focussing on creating jobs we will get poor jobs and poor innovation. The challenge is to create more jobs than […]

i4j Munich: Aart DeGeus, Chairman and CEO Bertelsmann Foundation (Deutsche Welle)

“Participants at the Munich conference were unanimous in their opinion that all employees can develop further, whether they work in production or at a desk. Even assembly-line workers could prepare for new developments, they said. “Everyone has a lot of talents,” said De Geus from the Bertelsmann Foundation. Many of the participants also said everyone […]

i4j Munich: David Nordfors, IIIJ / i4j Organizer (Deutsche Welle)

“The conference’s name, i4j, stands for “Innovation for Jobs.” Nordfors criticizes the fact that governments often do not have any unified strategy in this area. He says most governments have a labor ministry and a separate department for new technologies. However, he believes both of these areas should be the responsibility of one ministry. The […]

i4j Munich: Stefano Scarpetta, OECD’s Director for Employment (Deutsche Welle)

“Stefano Scarpetta, the Director for Employment, Labor and Social Affairs at the OECD, calls on governments to support further training for employees. “But the employers themselves should also invest more in their personnel to enhance the talents working in the company. Constant learning is the key to success.”” (Deutsche Welle) Deutsche Welle’s reportage (in English) […]

i4j Munich: “Innovations: Curse or blessing for the labor market?” (Deutsche Welle)

Deutsche Welle’s reportage (in English) from the i4j Munich Summit, November 22-23 2012: What job opportunities are created by technological advances? Who benefits the most – companies or workers? These are questions that produced surprising answers at a top-flight conference in Munich. This weekend (November 23, 2013), some 40 renowned guests from Europe and the […]