Banks Can Drive Jobs Innovation

David Nordfors is co-founder of Innovation for Jobs (i4j)  I was first asked to speak at SWIFT’s Sibos conference for 8000 finance executives about how machines are going kill bank jobs. I said I couldn’t do it. Not because I don’t think it can happen, but I prefer talking about the opportunities, which are huge, if we […]

Can An Extra Word For ‘WE’ Improve the Economy’?

By David Nordfors Here is a discussion I had on FB just now: Magnus Akerman Why don’t we simply drop this race crap. And see each other as equal individuals … David Nordfors Yes! “Us and them” is the problem. “I and You” is the solution. smile emoticon Magnus Akerman The world is a great We! David Nordfors There are […]

The Real Unemployment Innovation Challenge

By John Hagel @jhagel While unemployment rates in certain parts of the world appear to be slowly improving, unemployment in many other parts of the world remain stubbornly high and, in some cases, are even increasing. More fundamentally, there’s a growing concern that rising unemployment may be one of the most significant economic, social and political […]

The Future of Work is Now: Why Samaschool is taking its curriculum online

We talk a lot about the future of work. Where we’ll be working, what types of jobs we’ll be doing, and how we’ll get it all done. Here in Silicon Valley, most of that talk is driven by the increasing presence of technology, and the perspectives vary: Is technology creating or destroying jobs? Are we headed towards a jobless future where […]

i4j + SVForum Discussion Series – kickoff

By Curt Carlson Last night i4j and SVForum had an interactive discussion on, “Innovation for Jobs: Disrupting Unemployment“(click the link to see the program)  It was fascinating.  Robin Farmanfarmaian, David Nordfors, and John Hagel gave opening comments to set the stage.  John made excellent comments about how our mindset and institutions must innovate as well as […]

How synesthesia helps me to “read” people

(This post is a comment on ‘How To Disrupt Unemployment‘ by Vint Cerf and David Nordfors, which provocatively – and not without reactions – used an aura-healer in their scenario for a service that can disrupt unemployment. This post by Joana, a synesthete, seems to validate their scenario) By Joana  Few months ago, I hired a dark green […]

i4j DC Leadership Forum – Project Plan

i4j Leadership Forum on Innovation for Jobs Policy Sep 1, Washington DC – (conference page here) There are silos in government: Labor policy is for workers. Innovation policy is for entrepreneurs. So what about innovation for jobs policy? The U.S. spends yearly in the order of $100B in unemployment insurance. How can this relate to supporting innovative entrepreneurs to start companies that eradicate joblessness? The i4j […]

The Greek Lessons

(by Esko Kilpi) Dire economic outlooks typically lead to emotional reactions and social fragmentation. This always results in bad decisions and unnecessary confrontations. Then frustrations increase further as the established ways of doing things come under greater attack. Irritation over the perceived ineffectiveness of governance systems then creates the wish for a savior, a strong […]

Humane Economics and The Mathematics of Martin Buber’s “I and Thou”

(By David Nordfors) My latest TechCrunch column, Moving The Economy Beyond The Turing Test And Man Vs. Machine, describes the “Humane Economy”. It’s one step beyond the “people-centered economy” that maximizes the market value of people (as an alternative to the “task centered economy” that minimizes the cost of tasks) that I looked at in The Untapped $140 Trillion Innovation […]

Joon Yun at i4j: In Healthcare, Humans Need Apply

This film was created at the Mountain View 2015 i4j Conference. What are your hopes and fears about the future of meaningful work?