The Wildly Ambitious Future of the Job Search

Rick Wartzman – Fortune Magazine : “Still, there is palpable excitement at the prospect of a more transparent and fluid job market. Google’s Vint Cerf, widely considered one of the “fathers of the Internet,” envisions a massive databank that showcases people’s unique strengths, allowing employers to pull in just the right folks to tackle any task. […]

How to Future-Proof the Workforce

By Tess Posner Amidst ongoing debate about the future of work and how technology is transforming the economy, I recently attended the Innovation for Jobs Summit (i4j)—a two-day intensive gathering at Google that brings together 50 leaders from business, tech, government, venture capital, and media to explore job creation and the future of the […]

If you change the way you look at things, the things that you look at change

The digital world we live in today allows us to imagine and experiment with totally new approaches to disrupting unemployment. The relational view is a new conceptualization of work, changing the focus from creating jobs to creating customers — in new, innovative and interactive ways.

Innovation Means New Shared Language

By David Nordfors With all innovations come new words and stories. It can be a product name, a story about what the innovation does, experiences of using it, and so on. Many may see this as an effect of the innovation. But let’s think of the new words and stories as a part of the […]

PCAST, IT, and the Matching Challenge

The “matching” problem has many dimensions—how can employers find workers, how can workers find employers, how can workers find the training that can help them get work they would like to do (as opposed to training that sounds like it would be helpful but is not)—all of which reflect imperfect information flows.

Are we taking the “People” out of “People Analytics”?

Are we stepping into a world where the human opinion is just an irrelevant data point in a sea of big data?

The Next Generation of Hiring is Job Matching

This post “The Next Generation of Hiring is Job Matching” appeared first in The Wall Street Journal. Finding the right employees to grow your business is such a massive pain point that investors have pumped billions of dollars over the past decade into trying to alleviate this headache — $400 million in venture capital for […]

Curt Carlson’s Comments on the i4j Innovation for Jobs Ecosystem Summit

by Curt Carlson, Founder and CEO of  Practice of Innovation. The original post is available here. David Nordfors & Vint Cerf From around the world sixty invited experts on areas of innovation gathered at Google yesterday at the “Innovation for Jobs Ecosystem Conference.”  The conference co-chairs were David Nordfors (founder and director of the center for Innovation Journalism) and Vint Cerf (“father” […]

Office Extinction: The Rise of Fully Distributed Teams

Esko Kilpi wrote: For most of the developed world, firms, as much as markets, make up the dominant economic pattern. The Internet is nothing less than an extinction-level event for the traditional firm. The Internet, together with technological intelligence, makes it possible to create totally new forms of economic entities… Also very small firms can […]

Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data?

Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data? Or Sustainable Growth and Work in the Era of Cloud and Big Data: Will Escaping the Commodity Trap Be our Undoing? Prepared for New American Economy Project Roosevelt Institute January 2015 John Zysman Professor Department of Political Science BRIE/Berkeley Roundtable on […]