i4j Thought Leader: Kartik Gada

23rd May 2017

Kartik Gada, investment banker and Executive Director at Woodside Capital Partners, where he specializes in AI investments. Producer: Martin Wasserman

i4j Thought Leader: Joon Yun

23rd May 2017

Joon Yun, M.D., President of Palo Alto Investors LLC which invests heavily in healthcare. He recently agreed to donate a $1,000,000 prize for progress in reversing the aging process. Producer:...

i4j Thought Leader: Curt Carlson

23rd May 2017

Curt Carlson, former President and CEO of SRI International, Founder and CEO of Practice of Innovation, and a leading expert in the field of innovation. Producer: Martin Wasserman

The Idea Behind i4j Innovation for Jobs and “Disrupting Unemployment”

15th Mar 2016

i4j co-founders Vint Cerf and David Nordfors present the idea behind Innovation for Jobs and present the i4j book “Disrupting Unemployment” . Produced by Silvina Moschini.

jobseeker’s experience

jobseeker’s experience

26th Jan 2016

I am a computer scientist and software engineer. I am 79 and I have been unsuccessfully applying for a professional employment for the last 4 years. Ageism? Yes, probably, at...

How to Future-Proof the Workforce

23rd Mar 2015

By Tess Posner www.twitter.com/tessposner Amidst ongoing debate about the future of work and how technology is transforming the economy, I recently attended the Innovation for Jobs Summit (i4j)—a two-day intensive...

The Missing Middle Class Jobs In the Second Machine Age

23rd Mar 2014

Wade Roush, San Francisco Bureau Head of Xconomy, summarizes his impressions from the i4j Menlo Park Summit last week (This is an excerpt – click here to read the whole article...

Dale Dougherty: Making Jobs (Make Magazine)

14th Jan 2014

Dale Dougherty, Editor-in-Chief of Make Magazine and father of the Maker movement was one of the selected participants in the i4j summit 2013. Here he blogs about his thoughts: Make...