What Does the Internet Have To Do With The Collective Unconscious? A Conversation With VINT CERF About Wine, Culture, Technology & Globalization

07th Mar 2016

I have the privilege to be able to share with you my conversation with one of the most influential person of our times. VINT CERF, the co-creator of the basic architecture of internet, kindly and graciously accepted my invitation to talk about the World as an Ecosystem: wine, technology, globalization, culture, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, disrupting unemployment, the uncertainty of change, the future of the internet, the danger of the Digital Dark Age, and much more.

jobseeker’s experience

jobseeker’s experience

26th Jan 2016

I am a computer scientist and software engineer. I am 79 and I have been unsuccessfully applying for a professional employment for the last 4 years. Ageism? Yes, probably, at...

How DOL might facilitate an Innovation for Jobs Ecosystem

How DOL might facilitate an Innovation for Jobs Ecosystem

08th Jan 2016

By David Nordfors An idea for innovation-for-jobs policy, building venture value chains for startups. The idea of this model is to align existing interests and incentives for the stakeholders. Government stimulates...

i4j at The House of Lords in London

30th Nov 2015

Driving towards 100% employment Last Thursday I was excited to be part of the i4j Forum, the organisation chaired by Vint Cerf (one of the fathers of the internet and...

Robot Journalists

How Human Journalists can retain their Jobs in the Age of Robot Journalists or Automated Journalism

29th Nov 2015

As a founding dean of the biggest school of Communications in the Israeli academia I am responsible for preparing our graduates to retain their jobs in the age of automated...

Culture Traps – Part II: Unconscious Bias, Disrupting Unemployment and The New Enlightenment Era

04th Nov 2015

By replacing most of our jobs, machines are giving us the chance to regain our humanity and begin a new, 21st Century Enlightenment era.

Culture Traps – Part I: Unconscious Bias, Braggarts & Losers

04th Nov 2015

Technology and social networks have exponentially accelerated globalization, which has in turn increased tremendously the interaction between employees, executives and customers who belong to one or more different cultures. In order to survive and then thrive in a global economy, we cannot ignore anymore the fact that our own cultural values and belief system influence our thinking, feeling and behavior, often leading to biased choices and decisions.

i4j Beginnings: INNOVATION AND JOB CREATION Workshop 3 March 2011 at Stanford University

i4j Beginnings: INNOVATION AND JOB CREATION Workshop 3 March 2011 at Stanford University

30th Oct 2015

Here are the notes from the workshop at Stanford University that planted the seed that was to become i4j INNOVATION AND JOB CREATION 3 March 2011 at Wallenberg Hall, Stanford University...

Banks Can Drive Jobs Innovation

22nd Oct 2015

David Nordfors is co-founder of Innovation for Jobs (i4j)  I was first asked to speak at SWIFT’s Sibos conference for 8000 finance executives about how machines are going kill bank jobs. I...

Can An Extra Word For ‘WE’ Improve the Economy’?

06th Sep 2015

By David Nordfors Here is a discussion I had on FB just now: Magnus Akerman Why don’t we simply drop this race crap. And see each other as equal individuals …...