18th Apr 2018


Rethinking Work in the Era of Smart Machines

08th Feb 2016

We have entered the era of Smart Machines (Artificial Intelligence, powered by Cloud, Analytics, Social Networks and accessible through mobile devices and sensors) that provides great opportunity for individuals, communities,...

Next:Economy What is the Future of Work

25th Nov 2015

O’Reilly saw a major problem brewing in the workplace and affecting the economy, so they decided to bring people from government, businesses, and organizations together that want to fix these problem. The result was Next:Economy, which this document summarizes

Insights into the Changing Future of Work

Insights into the Changing Future of Work

10th Nov 2015

By: Guy Bieber Recently, the Citrix CTO Council held an industry workshop on the Future of Work. This event was driven by many observations of the tremendous forces changing work...

Marjory Blumenthal at i4j: Our Blindspots in Forecasting the Future of Work

21st Apr 2015

This film was created at the Mountain View 2015 i4j Conference. What are your hopes and fears about the future of meaningful work?

The Next Generation of Hiring is Job Matching

03rd Mar 2015

This post “The Next Generation of Hiring is Job Matching” appeared first in The Wall Street Journal. Finding the right employees to grow your business is such a massive pain...