21st Dec 2015

is building the next generation Sourcing Platform for enterprises across the world. 1-Page is a San Francisco based HR technology company changing the way company’s source, hire and engage talent....


30th Dec 2015

99designs is the world’s largest online marketplace for graphic design. We’re passionate about making quality graphic design accessible to everyone. As of June 2014, 99designs has hosted 300,000+ crowdsourced design...

Adam Gee

27th Oct 2015

Adam has been working at the cutting-edge of interactive/networked media for over a decade and have enjoyed being able to bring creativity and original approach to the party. He has won...

Adiba Barney

Adiba Barney

17th Mar 2015

Adiba Barney is the CEO of SVForum – Silicon Valley´s largest and oldest non-profit organization, dedicated to educating and creating relationships within the technology and startup community. She was prior...

Adriel Luis

30th Aug 2015

Curator – Digital & Emerging Media at Smithsonian Institution

Alan Anderson

31st Aug 2015

Science Writer and Editor

Aleksandar Kocic

26th Sep 2016

Aleksandar Kocic is the Managing Director of Interest Rates Strategies at Deutsche Bank Securities.  Prior to joining Deutsche Bank, Aleksandar held the position of Interest Rates Research at Lehman Brothers. ...

Alex Linley

25th Jan 2016

Alex Linley is CEO of Capp (www.capp.co) and Jobmi (www.jobmi.com), where he and his team are striving to reinvent work and deliver their vision of Matching the world to their...

Alexander Kritikos

26th Sep 2016

Alexander S. Kritikos is Research Director at the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW) Berlin, where he was before Head of the Department ‘Innovation, Manufacturing, Service’ and Vice-President. At the...

Allen Blue

07th Apr 2015

Allen Blue is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Product Management of LinkedIn. Allen was formerly Director of Product Design at SocialNet.com, a social networking service covering dating, recreational and professional activities,...

Almar Latour

Almar Latour

17th Mar 2015

Almar Latour is executive editor for The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones. He oversees The Wall Street Journal Online, Dow Jones Newswires, and MarketWatch, and is responsible for global...

Amy ter Haar

26th Sep 2016

Amy ter Haar is the CEO of Flow Inc, a reward-based marketplace, driven by social networks and powered by secure e-payment solutions. She is a trusted advisor with diverse legal...

Anders Flodström

20th Feb 2015

Co-founder of i4j and a board member of IIIJ. He is a former University Chancellor of Sweden. At present he is the Education Director for EIT ICTLabs and former GB member and vice-Chair for EIT.

Andrea Held

21st Jan 2016

Andrea Held has been with Google for more than a decade. She started working in Search Quality and then moved to internal education for engineers. In her current group, University...


Andrew Montalenti

17th Mar 2015

Andrew Montalenti is CTO and co-founder of Parse.ly, working with digital publishers to provide clear audience insights through an intuitive analytics platform. Andrew is a technologist with over a decade...

Andrew Wyckoff

17th Apr 2015

Andrew W. Wyckoff is the Director of the OECD’s Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) where he oversees OECD’s work on innovation, business dynamics, science and technology, information and...

Aneesh Chopra

27th Mar 2015

Aneesh Chopra is the Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of Hunch Analytics. Aneesh is the former (and first) U.S. Chief Technology Officer. As an Assistant to the President, he designed...

Anna Waldman-Brown

17th Dec 2015

Anna Waldman-Brown works with Autodesk, the Fab Lab network, and grassroots innovators across 50+ countries to foster creative problem-solving and sustainable development. She advises policy-makers on supporting local hardware ecosystems...

Annalie Killian

31st Aug 2015

Annalie’s work addresses the things that keep CEOs awake at night: How to keep pace with disruptive change. How to accelerate the speed with which their organizations adapt and innovate....

Annemarie Muntz

09th Feb 2017

Director Group Public Affairs, Randstad Holding

Arianne Miller

17th Oct 2017

Managing Director, The Lab at OPM U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Arizona Smith

17th Nov 2015

Artist/Writer/Youth Representative

Arnobio Morelix

14th Dec 2015

Arnobio Morelix is a senior research analyst and program officer in Research and Policy at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where he is a principal investigator on the Kauffman Index...

Arshad Ashraf

25th Feb 2017

Chief Investment Officer, LP, One Market Capital

Asha Jadeja

15th Feb 2017

Venture Capitalist, Angel Investor, Founder, Various, Dot Edu Ventures

Astro Teller

17th Mar 2015

Dr. Astro Teller currently oversees Google[x], Google’s moonshot factory for building magical, audaciously impactful ideas that can be brought to reality through science and technology. Before joining Google, Astro was...

Behrang Zandi

17th Oct 2017

Project Lead, Akyumen Technologies Corp.

Ben Baldwin

03rd Mar 2015

Ben Baldwin is a four-time founder and relentless advocate for innovators. Ben’s work focuses on executives who need to build innovation, not just buy it. From Fortune 500 CEOs and...

Ben Hindman

Ben Hindman

17th Mar 2015

Ben Hindman is an American entrepreneur in the event management industry. He is co-founder and CEO of Splash, a company that provides online event-management software. In 2010, Hindman co-founded OneClipboard.com, an...

Ben Nelson

Ben Nelson

17th Mar 2015

Ben Nelson is the founder, Chairman, and CEO of Minerva Project, a reinvented university experience for the brightest and most motivated students. Previously, Ben spent more than 10 years at...