1-PAGE-LOGO1920 is building the next generation Sourcing Platform for enterprises across the world.

1-Page is a San Francisco based HR technology company changing the way company’s source, hire and engage talent. The 1-Page Sourcing Platform allows large enterprises to discover, qualify and connect with highly sought after, passive candidates, via it’s growing database of 1.15 billion profiles. This automated and highly targeted process drives 4-5 more hires than other recruitment methods or HR software in the market.

The CEO and co-founder of 1-Page, Joanna Weidenmiller is a gifted athlete, ex FBI, and a strong supporter of women in technology.

1-Page gained widespread attention last year when it became the first Silicon Valley company to list on the Australian Stock Exchange with its shares surging 70% on the first day of trading. The stock has since gone up over 1200% with the company’s valuation now exceeding $400 million.

1-Page was inspired by Joanna’s father (and co-founder) Patrick Riley’s best-selling book The One-Page Proposal. The book provides job seekers with the knowledge to pitch a one-page job proposal to an employer, to be evaluated on what they can do, as opposed to being judged on their previous accomplishments, experience, age or gender.

1-Page has a number of Fortune 100 and 500 companies as clients using its SaaS platforms, specializing in large enterprises with more than 1,000 employees.