Bobby Sain

31st Aug 2015

Bobby Sain has 6 years of expertise in producing film and theatre, and raising capital for new ventures both as an entrepreneur and investor. Bobby’s expertise and overall professional experience...

Brandon Busteed

09th Feb 2017

Executive Director, Education & Workforce Development, Gallup

Brian Bell

29th Oct 2015

Brian Bell, Managing Director for Employability, Working Links

Brian Rashid

08th Dec 2015

Motivational Speaker, Author, and Communications Trainer

Brooks Taylor

Brooks Taylor

18th Apr 2018

Brooks Taylor joined New Markets Venture Partners in 2016 as an analyst. Prior to joining New Markets, he was an investment analyst at the Jefferson Education Accelerator. Earlier, Brooks served...

Byron Auguste

Byron Auguste

17th Mar 2015

Byron Auguste  is Managing Director of Opportunity@Work, a civic enterprise based in Washington DC, which aims to re-wire the U.S. labor market in ways that enable more Americans to achieve upward...

Caleb Jonas

09th Feb 2017

Director, Samaschool

Carmen Rojas

20th Jan 2016

Carmen Rojas is the CEO of The Workers Lab, an accelerator that invests in entrepreneurs, community organizers, technologists, economic justice organizations,issue campaigns, and businesses to create scalable and self-­sustaining solutions...

Cathy Casserly

24th Feb 2017

Research Affiliate, Senior Advisor, Institute for the Future, Lumina Foundation

Chally Grundwag

Chally Grundwag

21st Mar 2015

Chally Grundwag is a senior advisor spearheading i4j’s creative implementation of emotional wellbeing, empathy based team building and realizing human potential through strength based approaches. She is a professional mental health...