21st Apr 2015

Definition of Innovation

Webster’s dictionary: Innovation is 1) a new idea, device, or method, 2) the process of introducing it. Innovation is often defined by context: Business: The creation and delivery of new customer value in the...

14th Apr 2015

Disrupt Unemployment

(Redirect to “Disrupting Unemployment”) Commercial innovation drastically reducing or eradicating joblessness.

20th Feb 2015

Disrupting Unemployment

Innovation disrupting the labor market so that everybody can have a job and unemployment is eradicated.

13th Mar 2017


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25th Feb 2015


Horizontalism is a meme saying that popular language is becoming more important for driving economic growth because  the innovation economy is ‘horizontal’, i.e. goes across verticals and ‘silos’. In the industrial economy,...

28th Jan 2016


java is cool

08th Jul 2015

People-centered economy

The market forces in a people-centered economy aim to maximize the value of people (while the market forces in a task-centered economy merely aim to minimize the cost of tasks, i.e. maximize cost efficiency).

23rd Feb 2015

Race Against the Machine

Machines are increasingly being able to do the jobs of people. The pace of automation is accelerating due to a combination of increasingly clever technologies, raising concerns of massive unemployment. Race...

01st Sep 2015


Synesthesia is a condition of ‘crossed senses’ when, for example, a synesthete can see colors when hearing music. Synesthetes are used as a case description in Vint Cerf’s  and David...