09th Feb 2017

Nachi Junankar

CEO, Co-Founder, Aviro

11th Nov 2015

Naomi Fein

Naomi Fein, founder and CEO Think Visual. 2015 Network Ireland Businesswoman of the Year award winner. She is a fast creative thinker, who after over 15 years of illustration and...

30th Dec 2015

Nathana O’Brien

Nathana O’Brien is a passionate innovator, fascinated by exponential technologies and on a mission to advance our world through law, technology and policy. Nathana is a JD/MBA graduate of the...

20th Mar 2015
Nick Ellis

Nick Ellis

Nick Ellis is a serial entrepreneur using business model innovation to accelerate solutions to global problems. He is currently CEO of Hirabl, a big data company bringing transparency to labor...

05th Oct 2017

Nigel Smith

Nigel Smith is the Director of AARP Innovation Labs. AARP’s inaugural innovation lab is the Hatchery – a 10,000+ square foot structure in the heart of Washington DC, where breakthrough...

20th Mar 2015
Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer Merchant has been helping to grow businesses, from Fortune 500s to web startups, for 20 years. She’s worked for major companies, like Apple and Autodesk, and early web startups...

17th Dec 2015

Noah Thorp

Extensive Project Management and Lead Developer Experience • Vetted CTO level technology evaluation and strategy experience • Over 10 years of software project lead, development, and management experience • Proven...

01st Apr 2017

Nurit Yirmiya

Nurit Yirmiya is a psychology professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a former chief scientist for the Ministry of Science and Technology in Israel. Yirmiya, who was born in 1960,...