Claudia Colvin

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAXOAAAAJGE4Njk0ZGQwLTMxZTEtNGMwYy1hZGRlLTkxNmRlNzlmOGY2NQClaudia is a Project Manager at the Creative Society, where she runs the Speaker’s Parliamentary Placement scheme. The scheme provides a paid placement in Parliament to people from disadvantaged backgrounds who wouldn’t be able to work for free.

Claudia’s expertise is in youth peacebuilding education, and she freelances as a writer and practitioner in the field. She co-chairs the UK Steering Committee of Seeds of Peace, an NGO that organises peacebuilding summer camps for Israeli and Palestinian young people. Her previous work experience includes roles within Seeds of Peace, the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, the Three Faiths Forum, and National Citizen Service, and she has taught as a guest lecturer in King’s College London and La Sapienza University of Rome. She is half-British half-Italian, grew up in Rome and currently lives in London. In-2C-34px-R