Conversations for Good

Conversations for Good (“C4G”) is determined to end the confusion and frustration that comes with job-hunting. The growing 501 c(3) nonprofit organization fosters communication and clarity about various industries by connecting job professionals with curious job seekers for 30-minute informational interviews. These low-pressure conversations give professionals a simplified way to offer their expertise and give back, and provides inexperienced job seekers with opportunities to learn about their desired professions while practicing their interview skills.

It is essential to ensure that the​​ area’s youth in underserved communities ​benefit from the Bay Area’s exploding growth and prosperity. In order to do so, C4G is partnering with an Oakland youth group, Youth UpRising, an organization that hopes to create educational programs and work studies for students. C4G plans to connect professionals in various industries with members of Youth Uprising to talk shop and perform interviews as they prepare for their job searches.