Marc Canter

26th Jan 2016

Marc Canter is an American internet entrepreneur, speaker, and technology evangelist. An early pioneer of online software,[1] he has been called the “godfather of multimedia”.[2] Canter is cofounder and Chief...

Marc Prensky

09th Feb 2017

Author, Keynote Speaker, Founder, Executive Director, The Global Future Education Foundation and Institute

Marcia Kadanoff

26th Feb 2017

Civic Innovator, Book Author, Board Member, Maker City Project

Marco Zappacosta

Marco Zappacosta

20th Mar 2015

Marco Zappacosta is a co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Thumbtack, a marketplace that connects consumers with local service professionals such as floor remodelers, treadmill repairmen, and bartenders. Prior...

Margaret Ross Tolbert

04th Oct 2017

Independent Artist

Marissa Lowman

04th Oct 2017

Investor focused on workforce development, Head of Education Practice, Village Capital

Marjory Blumenthal

08th Mar 2015

Marjory Blumenthal is a senior policy analyst and director of RAND’s Science, Technology, and Policy Program. Prior to joining RAND, she served as executive director of the President’s Council of...

Mark Clifford Turrell

Mark Turrell

20th Mar 2015

Mark Clifford Turrell is the founder and CEO of Orcasci, a strategy and marketing agency specializing in designing programs that ‘spread’ products, services, ideas and behaviors. Orcasci’s toolset for the...

Markus Fromherz

12th Jan 2016

Entrepreneur, Innovator, Investor, Mentor

Martin Bright

27th Oct 2015

Founder & Chief Executive, Creative Society

Martin Buber

28th Aug 2015

Martin Buber is a German philosopher and the author of the book “I and Thou”. There are only two types of relationships, says Buber: “I-You” and “I-It”. “I-You” is connecting...

Martin Wasserman

17th Dec 2015

Martin Wasserman is producer and host of “Future Talk”, a Silicon Valley-based cable TV series that examines the global impact of technology, both for good and for bad, and tries...

Maryann Feldman

Maryann Feldman

01st Mar 2017

Maryann P. Feldman is the Heninger Distinguished Professor in the Department of Public Policy at the University of North Carolina. Her research and teaching interests focus on the areas of...