Geoffrey Moore

Geoffrey A MooreGeoffrey A. Moore is an organizational theorist, author, speaker, venture partner, and a business advisor to companies in the high-tech sector, such as Cisco, HP, Microsoft, SAP, and Yahoo!. He is Managing Director of Geoffrey Moore Consulting and a Venture Partner at Mohr Davidow Ventures, where he now limits his startup consulting work. He is the Chairman Emeritus of TCG Advisors, The Chasm Institute and The Chasm Group, and is a member of the Board of Directors of Akamai Technologies among other companies. Moore has written six books: Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, The Gorilla Game, Living on the Fault Line, Dealing with Darwin. His most recent book, Escape Velocity, lays out a comprehensive program for large companies engaging with next-generation trends while maintaining their core franchises. Geoffrey has made the understanding and effective exploitation of disruptive technologies the core of his life’s work. He has been a principal and partner at Regis McKenna, Inc., a leading high tech marketing strategy and communications company and, for a decade prior, a sales and marketing executive for :Rand Information Systems, Enhansys, and Mitem. He has a bachelor’s degree from Stanford and a doctorate from the University of Washington, both in Literature.

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