IMG_4358[1]Guy has over 25 years of experience in everything from maneuvering missiles to wearable warfighting systems. Guy has spent the last four years in Silicon Valley at Citrix anticipating the future as their chief futurist and driving innovation within Citrix Labs and the Citrix Startup accelerator. Guy currently is working on innovation around Internet of Things, Future of Education, and the Future of Work. Prior to Citrix, Guy worked as a member of the CTO for General Dynamics. Guy has worked on everything from programmable missiles, fly by wire attack helicopters, wearable soldier systems, robotics integration, intelligence systems, large command and control data centers, and advanced research programs with CERDEC, AFRL, and DARPA. Many of these individual programs were worth more than $1B dollars. Guy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Systems Engineering from ASU.