Justin Baird

Justin-BairdJustin Baird is the CTO and Head of APAC at 1-Page.com helping to raise the value of human capital by making the job market a better place. 1-Page helps people and enterprises around the world drive innovation through next generation talent technologies, supporting the global workforce by providing the tools to pitch their own unique value to companies well beyond the resume. Justin is responsible for the research, development and implementation of 1-Page scientific and technological platforms, and the development of APAC markets.
Justin brings over fifteen years of management and high tech experience, in areas ranging from research and development engineering, analog and digital signal processing, embedded systems development, product management, high speed digital networks, large scale sound reinforcement systems, mobile and web applications, and interactive multimedia technologies. He holds two U.S. Patents, four pending U.S. Patents, and has written a number of technical papers within these areas of research.
Justin is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts (RSA), an international network of accomplished leaders and active individuals committed to social development, whose goal is to enrich society through ideas and action.   Founded in 1754, the RSA creates innovative and practical solutions to social challenges and believes that the best way to meet these challenges is to unleash the human potential for enterprise, social innovation and creativity.
Justin is also a member of the 2013 CSCLeaders alumni, a Commonwealth Government leadership group founded, sponsored and hosted by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, which is tackling the challenges that businesses, governments and society face today to build the global relationships needed to create the leaders of tomorrow.
Previously, Justin was an Innovationist at Google. Justin launched local YouTube portals across Asia Pacific, supported the launch of numerous consumer product releases including Google Maps and Google Wave, helped launch the first Android mobile devices in the region, brought the Google Creative Sandbox event to Australia’s shores for the first time, and was a member of Google’s Global Creative Council.
Justin is also very actively involved in philanthropic efforts to help drive positive change through technology. Justin drove the global launch of Earth Connect in 2008, the first global social platform for Earth Hour.
In 2009, Justin worked closely with the United Nations to create the Show Your Vote platform, an online advocacy tool for the COP15 Copenhagen Climate Summit that was officially sanctioned and supported by the UNFCCC. The open source platform was then also used in online advocacy initiatives, including Earth Hour 2010.
Justin is also on the advisory board of Underwater Earth, which has embarked on the SeaView Survey sponsored by the Catlin Group. The SeaView Survey is a pioneering scientific expedition that is carrying out the first comprehensive study to document and reveal the composition and health of coral reefs on the Great Barrier Reef across an unprecedented depth range (0-100m). Justin’s work on underwater panoramic imagery (taking Google Street View underwater) is the subject of one of his patents.
Beyond work, Justin has a strong passion for music, digital audio, musical computing, live sound and recording. He has worked with artists ranging from Elton John and Barbra Streisand through to Robbie Williams and the Dave Matthews Band in the technology and production of live performance. Justin is co-founder of the Global Orchestra Foundation, a global collaborative music event and education platform in partnership with the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.