Leah Belsky

Leah headshot

Leah Belsky is Vice President – New Business Lines: Degrees, Certificates, Corproate Partnerships of Coursera.

She is an experienced technology executive, entrepreneur, and thought leader who specializes in the future of education and technology policy.

Leah was the SVP of Operations at Kaltura, an Intel Capital funded, pre-IPO, growth phase video company, named one of the “Next Billion Dollar” startups. Prior to her current role leading the 150 person operations team, Leah launched Kaltura in Europe and founded the education business, which is now the leading provider of media technology in global higher education and edtech.

Leah also works as a Venture Partner at Learn Capital and sits on the boards of Engine Advocacy and Public Knowledge, two of the leading technology policy organizations in the US.

Leah began her career in international development & science policy at the World Bank and National Institutes of Health. She was also a member of Obama’s Technology Policy Committee. Leah is a graduate of Yale Law School and Brown University. She remains a fellow at Yale, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a Pipeline Angels 2012 Investing Fellow.

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