Lucian Tarnowski

Lucian TarnowskiLucian Tarnowski is founder and CEO of BraveNewTalent, the enterprise platform for building knowledge sharing communities. BraveNewTalent ‘Communities of Purpose’ enable organizations to use curated content to connect, engage and develop stakeholders inside and outside of the company around any initiative such as One Young World, Veterans, STEM, Women, Diversity, Health, Sustainability and Leadership development. BraveNewTalent is creating the ‘Knowledge Graph’ by mapping members informal learning. Through peer-to-peer learning communities BraveNewTalent is helping its client break down the knowledge silos that exist everywhere and over time identify collective intelligence of communities. The company has been awarded the Best Advance in Social Learning Technology by Brandon Hall Group.

Lucian has been honored as a Young Global Leader (YGL) by the World Economic Forum and is winner of the Global Enterprising Young Brit of 2009. He has served on the Steering Board for a World Economic Forum Global Agenda Council on Talent Mobility and has been Topic Champion for Employment and Skills. In his spare time, he runs Take Heart India, a 50 year old no overheads charity started by his father that provides blind and handicapped people in rural India with the vocational employment skills to required to get lifelong employment or start a small business. He sits on the Board of Innovate+Educate. Lucian is a speaker on the convergence of talent and technology and its impact on the future of the global workforce and learning. He went to the University of Edinburgh and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.


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