Martin Wasserman

1580ae5Martin Wasserman is producer and host of “Future Talk”, a Silicon Valley-based cable TV series that examines the global impact of technology, both for good and for bad, and tries to see where the new technology is leading us. It’s been seen on nearly 300 stations in the U.S. and abroad. He’s also produced and hosted several other TV and radio series, including “A Deeper Look” on KCSM-TV, “A Deeper Look” on KCSM-FM radio, “Spotlight on the  Middle East” at the Midpeninsula Media Center in Palo Alto, and “Just the Facts” on Cupertino Community Cable. He’s also had a successful career building high performance software tools for leading Silicon Valley companies such as Intel, Loral and Applied Signal Technology. He has always been concerned with the deeper issues of life, and sees his work in the media as a means of exploring these issues.