14th Apr 2015

Disrupt Unemployment

(Redirect to “Disrupting Unemployment”) Commercial innovation drastically reducing or eradicating joblessness.

20th Feb 2015

Disrupting Unemployment

Innovation disrupting the labor market so that everybody can have a job and unemployment is eradicated.

09th Feb 2017

Douglass Carmichael

Douglass Carmichael is a consultant on Strategy for INET. Started physics at Caltech, PhD from Berkeley in human development, post doc of Harvard’s Center for Cognitive Studies and lived in...

08th Oct 2017


Secretary General, The World Information Technology and Services Alliance (WITSA)

14th Dec 2015

Edith Gummer

Education Research Director in Education

31st Aug 2015

Egils Milbergs

Director of Economic Competitiveness at Washington Business Alliance

09th Feb 2017

Eliana Garces

Senior Fellow, George Mason University

10th Dec 2015

Elizabeth Isele

Elizabeth Isele has, for the past four years, been crisscrossing the globe from Australia to Chile to Dublin to Istanbul convening forums among business, government, finance and education thought leaders...

27th Sep 2016

Elliot Maxwell

Elliot E. Maxwell advises public and private sector clients on strategic issues involving the intersection of business, technology, and public policy in the Internet, e-commerce, healthcare, and higher education domains. He...

04th Oct 2017

Elliott Long

Economic Policy Analyst, Progressive Policy Institute