Vivienne Ming

15th Feb 2017

Founder & Executive Chair at Socos


16th Dec 2015

Waitron is a workforce distribution application that automates temporary staffing in the hospitality industry. Clients – caterers, private homes, restaurants – may fill demands in their labor pool in real...


22nd Dec 2015

WhoKnows is introducing a fresh approach to finally solve “who knows what” and “who knows who” within an organization. WhoKnows automatically and accurately builds rich knowledge and relationship graphs for...

Wingham Rowan

27th Oct 2015

Director "Beyond Jobs"

Xavier Hughes

31st Aug 2015

Chief Innovation Officer at U.S. Department of Labor


09th Dec 2015

Yandiki, Creative Talent in the Cloud

Yassi Moghaddam

17th Dec 2015

Executive Director, International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP)

Yossi Vardi

Yossi Vardi

20th Mar 2015

Joseph “Yossi” Vardi is an angel investor and high-tech entrepreneur and Chairman of International Technologies, which is engaged in private high-tech investments for its own account. He has some 40...