27th Oct 2015

Felix Velarde

Twenty-one years ago I started one of the first web design companies, and since then I’ve been an entrepreneur, industry leader and public face of several pioneering digital and CRM agencies. Most recently this included...

03rd May 2018

Florian Maganza

27th Sep 2016

Frances West

Frances West is a public speaker and advisor, and Chairs the Strategy & Development Committee G3ict – The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs. Frances is an IT executive well known globally for...

17th Dec 2015


Freeformers is the digital transformation company with social good built into its business model. We help companies fulfil the people part of their digital strategies. And for every business person...

23rd Feb 2015

From Race Against the Machine to Race With the Machine

Author: John Hagel, blog posting on “Edge Perspectives with John Hagel” August 22 2012 . A blog posting that John Hagel wrote in response to Race Against the Machine where he argued...

09th Feb 2017

Galen Silvestri

Executive Director, United Roots Oakland

17th Oct 2017

Ganapathy Subramanian

As an Information technology(IT) professional based in Silicon Valley with high-level management experience in the IT industry, I learned that the best way to achieve success was to motivate people...

31st Aug 2015

Gary A. Bolles

Partner at Charrette

12th Jan 2016

Gene Teare

Gene Teare, Director Content, CrunchBase

18th Mar 2015
Genevieve Lydstone

Genevieve Lydstone

Genevieve Lydstone was the Senior Director of Marketing at Apartment List and has recently started San Francisco’s Fitness Explorer. Prior to joining the team at Apartment List, Genevieve was Director...