Steve Denning

Steve Denning

20th Mar 2015

Author and Independent Management Consulting Professional

Steve Jurvetson

20th Feb 2015

Steve Jurvetson is a Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, a venture capital firm.  He was the founding VC investor in Hotmail (MSFT), Interwoven (IWOV), Kana (KANA), and NeoPhotonics (NPTN)....

Stu Soffer

04th May 2018

Managing Director Stu Soffer conducts investigations of Intellectual Property issues regarding software and source code and subsequently testifies as a Technical Expert Witness on his findings. Adverse law firms retain...

Sudipto Dasgupta

04th May 2018

Technology Leader with deep expertise in building on premise , cloud based products for distributed data processing , data science , artificial intelligence and machine learning.        ...

Sunil Bagai

16th Feb 2017

CEO at Crowdstaffing and Zenith Talent

Susanne Bruyere

05th Oct 2017

Director, K. Lisa Yang and Hock E. Tan Institute on Employment and Disability at Cornell University

Sven Otto Littorin

30th Jun 2015

Sven Otto Littorin is a co-founder of i4j. He was Sweden’s Minister for Employment 2006-2010, in charge of a major overhaul of the unemployment insurance system and the Public Employment...


17th Apr 2015

SVForum (Silicon Valley Forum), is the largest and oldest not-for-profit network organization in Silicon Valley. They function as a center of knowledge and connections in Silicon Valley (from San Francisco to...

Swarnalatha Balasubramanian

26th May 2018

Director of Operations in an innovation biotech company called Acidophil.        


01st Sep 2015

Synesthesia is a condition of ‘crossed senses’ when, for example, a synesthete can see colors when hearing music. Synesthetes are used as a case description in Vint Cerf’s  and David...