Guy Bieber

15th Dec 2015

Guy has over 25 years of experience in everything from maneuvering missiles to wearable warfighting systems. Guy has spent the last four years in Silicon Valley at Citrix anticipating the...

Hayden Brown

17th Dec 2015

Hayden Brown, VP and Head of Product, Upwork

Heather McGowan

31st Aug 2015

Future of Work | Future of Learning | Synthesize and Visualize

Henri Tirri

12th Jul 2015

Dr. Henry Tirri is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Technology officer of Nokia reporting to CEO. In that role he was responsible for setting Nokia’s technology agenda, owned...

Henry Oh

Henry Oh

17th Mar 2015

Henry Oh has extensive experience with open source development and technology. He studied the interplay between technological evolution and social change at UCLA, the London School of Economics and Stanford...

Henry Tirri

05th May 2015

Dr. Henry Tirri is currently an Executive in Residence at the Aalto University and a Fellow at Helsinki Institute of Technology. He is the former Executive Vice President and Chief Technology officer...

Herman Gyr

19th Jan 2016

Herman Gyr works with businesses and leaders to transform potential crises into opportunities for reinvention. Whether it is the impact from changes in the global economy, technological advancements or shifts...


25th Feb 2015

Horizontalism is a meme saying that popular language is becoming more important for driving economic growth because  the innovation economy is ‘horizontal’, i.e. goes across verticals and ‘silos’. In the industrial economy,...


17th Dec 2015

horsesmouth is where social networking meets social enterprise; where personal contributions create public value; where human capital is unlocked to create social capital. It’s social networking with a purpose. It’s...

IIIJ Foundation

09th Mar 2015

IIIJ Foundation is a 501c3 not-for-profit think tank that manages the i4j initiative, such as the i4j Innovation for Jobs Summit. IIIJ Foundation was created in 2007, commissioned by the tech elite...

Ilya Levtov

14th Aug 2015

Founder and CEO of Craft

Innovation Journalism

17th Mar 2015

Innovation Journalism is journalism covering innovation. It covers innovation processes and innovation (eco)systems. The concept was coined in 2004 by David Nordfors. A program at Stanford University co-developed the concept and community of...

Irene Mia

13th Nov 2015

Global Editorial Director, Content Solutions at Economist Group, Economist Intelligence Unit

Isabel Naidoo

27th Oct 2015

Senior Vice President | HR, FIS

Israel Shamay

04th Oct 2017

Head of Americas Operations, Israel Innovation Authority

Ivan Kaye

27th Sep 2016

Ivan is a serial entrepreneur, investor and co-founder of  BBG International, BSI Group of Companies and the startup Referron LinkedIn

J. Philipp Schmidt

02nd Mar 2016

J. Philipp Schmidt co-founded Peer 2 Peer University (P2PU)–the grassroots community for social open learning. An open education activist, he co-authored the Cape Town Open Education Declaration, served as a...

Jack Hogan

04th Oct 2017

Head of Partnerthips and Co-Founder, Buzz Hero

Jacob Ziv

08th Dec 2015

Jacob Ziv is a member of the i4j Executive Advisory Board. He is a co-inventor of LZ-algorithm, (Z stands for Ziv) which is one of the pillars of the Internet and...

Jake Brewer

31st Aug 2015

Senior Technology Advisor at The White House

Jamai Wallis Blivin

31st Aug 2015

Jamai Blivin is the CEO of Innovate+Educate, an organization she founded after returning to the Southwest in 2008. She approached Intel and Lockheed Martin to form the organization, believing that...

James Clyne

09th Feb 2017

Head of Jobmi, Capp & Co Ltd

Jana Elhassan

31st Aug 2015

Lebanese novelist and journalist


28th Jan 2016

java is cool

John Jay Rogers

Jay Rogers

18th Mar 2015

John “Jay” B. Rogers, Jr is president, CEO and co-founder of Local Motors, a next-generation US-based car company that is changing the way cars are designed, built and owned. The...

Jay Van Zyl

09th Feb 2017

Founder, Innosect

Jayanth Bagare

27th Feb 2017

Vice President - Platform and Services, ABOVE Solutions

Jeannie Kim-Han

17th Dec 2015

Relationship broker. Change agent. Innovator. Amplifier. Seasoned higher education administrator with over 24 years in leadership in various divisions including the President’s Office, Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. Knowledgeable and...

Jeff Hoffman

26th Sep 2016

Jeff Hoffman is a co-founder of ColorJar and is the Principal of ColorJar/SCALE, an entity that provides strategy consulting, workshops, and coaching to entrepreneurs around the world. Jeff is an...

Jeff Saperstein

17th Dec 2015

Jeff Saperstein is an author, university teacher, consultant, and enabler in how technology can be used to create growth in regional economic development, success for organizations, and personal career planning....