Nachi Junankar

09th Feb 2017

CEO, Co-Founder, Aviro

Naomi Fein

11th Nov 2015

Naomi Fein, founder and CEO Think Visual. 2015 Network Ireland Businesswoman of the Year award winner. She is a fast creative thinker, who after over 15 years of illustration and...

Nathana O’Brien

30th Dec 2015

Nathana O’Brien is a passionate innovator, fascinated by exponential technologies and on a mission to advance our world through law, technology and policy. Nathana is a JD/MBA graduate of the...

Nick Ellis

Nick Ellis

20th Mar 2015

Nick Ellis is a serial entrepreneur using business model innovation to accelerate solutions to global problems. He is currently CEO of Hirabl, a big data company bringing transparency to labor...

Nigel Smith

05th Oct 2017

Hatchery Director at AARP; President of Zurena LLC

Nilofer Merchant

Nilofer Merchant

20th Mar 2015

Nilofer Merchant has been helping to grow businesses, from Fortune 500s to web startups, for 20 years. She’s worked for major companies, like Apple and Autodesk, and early web startups...

Noah Thorp

17th Dec 2015

Extensive Project Management and Lead Developer Experience • Vetted CTO level technology evaluation and strategy experience • Over 10 years of software project lead, development, and management experience • Proven...

Nurit Yirmiya

01st Apr 2017

Nurit Yirmiya is a psychology professor at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and a former chief scientist for the Ministry of Science and Technology in Israel. Yirmiya, who was born in 1960,...


24th Mar 2015

Opportunity@Work is a civic enterprise whose mission is to re-wire the U.S. labor market to enable more Americans to achieve upward mobility in the job market and workplace.

Othamar Gama Filho

06th Mar 2015

An entrepreneur with over 10 years of experience in areas such as e-commerce, mobile, digital media, HR Tech and HR Consulting.

Pablo Orduña

27th Sep 2016

Pablo Orduña is a co-founder of udexter and a full time researcher and project manager a the MORElab Research Group at DeustoTech Internet. I finished my studies of Computer Engineering in 2007 and my PhD in 2013...

Patricia Olby Kimondo

20th Jan 2016

CEO and founder of People Productions

Patrick G. Riley

12th Jan 2016

Managing Partner at The One-Page Company

Patrick J. Romzek

29th Jan 2017

Vice President, Worldwide Cloud Sales Strategy Cisco Systems, Founder and Chief Executive for Project LifeChanger

Patrick Llewellyn

Patrick Llewellyn

20th Mar 2015

Patrick Llewellyn is the President and CEO of 99 Designs, the world’s largest graphic design marketplace. Before he joined 99 Designs in 2009, he was advising Australian technology and media...

Patrick Sagisi

09th Feb 2017

Associate, DBL Partners

Patrick Windham

31st Aug 2015

Patrick Windham is a consultant and university teacher, focusing on issues of science, technology, innovation, and the economy. He previously was a Senior Professional Staff Member with the U.S. Senate’s...

Paul Allen

22nd Feb 2017

Global Strengths Evangelist, Gallup

Paul Brooks

05th Oct 2017

Serial Entrepreneur and Consultant to Entrepreneurs; Founder Quiddity Systems

Paul Werbos

05th Oct 2017

Co-director of Center of Large-Scale Integrated Optimization Networks CLION at FedEx Institute of Technology; Inventor of the Back-Propagation Algorithm


09th Mar 2015

The United States President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST) is a council, chartered (or re-chartered) in each administration with a broad mandate to advise the President on science...

People-centered economy

08th Jul 2015

Aims to maximize the value of people, as compared to a task-centered economy, which aims to minimize the cost of tasks. Sources: “Humane Economics and The Mathematics of Martin Buber’s “I and...

Kris Halvorsen

Per-Kristian Halvorsen

20th Mar 2015

Per-Kristian “Kris” Halvorsen is the Chief Innovation Officer and a senior vice president at Intuit, the world’s leading maker of financial and tax software for small business and consumers. He...

Pete Hartigan

27th Sep 2016

Pete Hartigan is CEO / Founder of Trusted Ventures, LLC As CEO of Trusted Ventures, Pete helped incubate SOFI, joining its founding team as Chief Community Officer. He previously worked at...

Pete Hartigan

28th Oct 2016

Pete’s mission is to actualize the Impact500 thesis, where community, transparency and accountability are core competitive advantages. To validate the thesis, he joined the initial team at SOFI (“digital Wells...

Peter Campbell

05th Oct 2017

Investor; Managing Partner, Education Growth Partners

Peter Hirshberg

27th Oct 2015

CEO, The Re:imagine Group

Peter Magnusson

Peter Magnusson

17th Mar 2015

Peter Magnusson is Oracle’s senior vice president of cloud development, building the Oracle team to work on the cloud platform. Magnusson had been hired by Snapchat in 2014 to bolster...

Peter Vander Auwera

22nd Aug 2015

Peter Vander Auwera is co-founder, architect and content curator for Innotribe, SWIFT’s initiative to enable collaborative innovation in financial services. SWIFT also brings the financial community together to work collaboratively...

Phil Watson

25th Jan 2016

Phil is a scientist, inventor, and researcher at Google X (now just “X”) focused on identifying, developing and promoting transformative and elegant technological solutions to societal challenges.  Current work includes...