19th Mar 2015
Lara Stein

Lara Stein

Lara Stein is the founder and was former Director of TEDx and the TED Prize, having overseen the strategy, creation, development and implementation of the TEDx program at TED. TEDx...

04th May 2018

Laszlo Bock

In 2017, Laszlo Bock and his co-founder, Wayne Crosby, started Humu to make work better through machine learning, science, and a little bit of love. Laszlo Bock led Google’s people...

03rd Feb 2016

Laura Jana

About Laura Jana, MD Dr. Laura Jana is a pediatrician, health communicator, associate professor and Director of Innovation at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health, as...

17th Dec 2015

Laura Merling

Laura Merling is a business strategist specializing in technology, digital transformation, and the internet of things.   Her passion is building new products and redefining business models. Her experience as...

25th Feb 2017

Laura Zaim

COO, Co-Founder, WorkAmerica

07th Apr 2015

Leah Belsky

Leah Belsky is Vice President – New Business Lines: Degrees, Certificates, Corproate Partnerships of Coursera. She is an experienced technology executive, entrepreneur, and thought leader who specializes in the future of...

19th Mar 2015
Leah Busque

Leah Busque

Leah Busque is the founder and CEO of the pioneering TaskRabbit. The vision for revolutionizing how work gets done led Leah to pioneer the concept of “Service Networking,” forging a...

19th Jan 2016

Lee Hwee Chen

Having previously worked as a consultant on projects with the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and Abu Dhabi government, Lee now heads the Risk Management and Futures team in...

15th Dec 2015

Leila Toplic

Leila Toplic - Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer

27th Sep 2016

Lena Adamson

Lena Adamson is the, a Swedish government agency for improving educational quality. Lena is an associate professor of psychology at Stockholm University. She was previously deputy director general of the Swedish National Council for...