20th Mar 2015
Michael Kende

Michael Kende

Michael Kende is and, in 2013, the first Chief Economist of the Internet Society. Prior to joining the Internet Society in August 2013, Michael was a partner at Analysys Mason,...

09th Feb 2017

Michael Mandel

Chief Economic Strategist, Progressive Policy Institute

31st Aug 2015

Michael Nelson

Public Policy at CloudFlare, Inc.

05th Oct 2017

Michael Purves

Chief Global Strategist and Head of Derivatives Research, Weeden

04th May 2018

Michael Simpson

As a son of educators, and serial intrapreneur turned entrepreneur, Michael learned to uncover hidden gems in people and products. His passion for helping people reach their potential was fueled...

31st Aug 2015

Michelle Dervan

Director, Strategic Partnerships and Investments at Pearson

05th Oct 2017

Michelle Shevin

Technology Fellow, Ford Foundation