Tess Posner

SamaSource-149Tess Posner leads the TechHire initiative at Opportunity@Work, a public-private initiative in 50 cities, states, and rural communities getting more Americans rapidly trained and placed into well-paying technology jobs.

Prior to joining Opportunity@Work, Tess was Managing Director of Samaschool, a social enterprise part of the SamaGroup that equips low-income people to find work in the digital economy. Tess grew the program from a pilot in San Francisco in 2013 to international adoption, now with a global online platform and eleven diverse locations from New York City to rural Arkansas and in East Africa and launched an online training platform, now serving students in 70 countries. Samaschool’s approach to giving low-income populations 21st century skills to tap into the digital economy led it to be named one of the “13 most innovative schools in the world” by Business Insider, featured in TechCrunch, FastCompany and receive funding from organizations such as the Tipping Point Community, JPMorgan Chase, the California Endowment and the Robin Hood Foundation. Tess holds a master’s degree from Columbia University School in Social Enterprise Administration and a bachelor’s in liberal arts from St. John’s College.


Contact Tess: @tessposner 

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