AAEAAQAAAAAAAAYrAAAAJGQyYzZmODZlLTJhNzAtNGIzNi1hOWYwLWIwZDlmYTMwNDMyZQWhoKnows is introducing a fresh approach to finally solve “who knows what” and “who knows who” within an organization. WhoKnows automatically and accurately builds rich knowledge and relationship graphs for every employee. Then, WhoKnows connects employees to the right colleagues and the right information at the right time, so they can easily get the answer or intro they need. WhoKnows’ patented “SmartLayer” technology, overlays on top of any web application including Google Search Appliance, SharePoint, or any web-based application. Most importantly, there is no change in behavior for the employee since we work within their current tools. Learn more at www.whoknows.com.