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Office Extinction: The Rise of Fully Distributed Teams

25th Feb 2015

Esko Kilpi wrote: For most of the developed world, firms, as much as markets, make up the dominant economic pattern. The Internet is nothing less than an extinction-level event for...

Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data?

25th Feb 2015

Where Will Work Come from in the Era of the Cloud and Big Data? Or Sustainable Growth and Work in the Era of Cloud and Big Data: Will Escaping the...

Jobs And The W-2 Economy

25th Feb 2015

The transition to the Creative Economy is key to creating good jobs for most people

Can Innovation Create Jobs? Highlights from the Innovation for Jobs Summit, DC

23rd Feb 2015

By Tess Posner @tessposner Managing Director, SamaUSA What if innovation could create jobs instead of destroy them? In October 2014, SamaUSA participated in the i4j DC Summit for Job Innovation: How to...

Vint Cerf: How ‘internetworking’ became THE INTERNET

26th Nov 2014

  ‘New Narratives: Innovation for Jobs’ is a series by i4j (Innovation for Jobs) and the GPA exploring perspectives on important topics that will impact the future of work, jobs...

i4j DC Paris Report: How To Disrupt Unemployment

22nd Nov 2014

“HOW TO DISRUPT UNEMPLOYMENT” i4j DC OCTOBER 13-14 2014 the national academy of sciences, washington dc, u.s. organizers: vint cerf and david nordfors, google / iiij i4j PARIS SEPTEMBER 6...