vvQuuEdUiDriKBS1snRps2fy7LYjAtOna8jJ0rovOSkThe i4j SIGs is a network of groups focusing on topics of interest to the future of work. To join a SIG, get in touch with the SIG chairs. To register a new SIG contact i4j chairs David Nordfors or Vint Cerf.

SIGPurposeChair(s) 2015 
AnalyticsInvestigate new analytics methodsDan Harple, Jay Van Zylanalytics@sig
Business ideas and modelsThe business of innovation for meaningful workSteve Jurvetsonbusiness@sig
DesignDeepa Prahalad, Byron Augustedesign@sig
EcosystemsJohn Hagelecosystems@sig
EducationEducation for meaningful workEsther Wojcicki, Tess Posner, Monique Morroweducation@sig
GigonomicsDiscuss alternatives to an economy based on employment Mikko Kosonen, Esko Kilpigigonomics@sig
HealthcareJoon Yun, Philip Auerswaldhealthcare@sig
Innovation PracticesCurt Carlsoninnovation@sig
Job CreationHow Does Innovation Create JobsByron Augustejobcreation@sig
Journalism and CommunicationInnovation Journalism and Communication EcosystemVivek Wadhwajournalism@sig
Machine vs ManMark Turrell machinevsman@sig
MatchingMatching people and opportunitiesNick Ellismatching@sig
NarrativeLanguage of the future of workJohnny Bostonnarrative@sig
Public SectorManu Bhardwaj, Monique Morrowpublicsector@sig
Real World ExamplesPatrick Llewellynrealworld@sig
World BankMei Lin Fung, Deepa Prahaladworldbank@sig
YouthMei Lin Fung, Deepa Prahaladyouth@sig

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