Innovation for Jobs

Innovation for Jobs

i4j Munich: David Nordfors, IIIJ / i4j Organizer (Deutsche Welle)

“The conference’s name, i4j, stands for “Innovation for Jobs.” Nordfors criticizes the fact that governments often do not have any unified strategy in this area. He says most governments have a labor ministry and a separate department for new technologies. However, he believes both of these areas should be the responsibility of one ministry. The present situation, he says, is a great obstacle. Nordfors did, however, point out that there have been attempts at a local level, in municipalities or cities, to put one department in charge of both areas. The conference was concerned primarily with collecting ideas. Proposals were gathered on how innovation potential could be implemented without losing employees. But, as one employer pointed out, employees and workers are usually lethargic, with few of them taking action by pursuing further training. He said they only changed their views when they were fired.” (Deutsche Welle)

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