Innovation for Jobs

Innovation for Jobs

i4j Munich: “Innovations: Curse or blessing for the labor market?” (Deutsche Welle)

Deutsche Welle’s reportage (in English) from the i4j Munich Summit, November 22-23 2012:

What job opportunities are created by technological advances? Who benefits the most – companies or workers? These are questions that produced surprising answers at a top-flight conference in Munich.

Munich ifj conference 2013DW, Sascha Quaiser

This weekend (November 23, 2013), some 40 renowned guests from Europe and the United StatesĀ met in

Munich to discuss the impact of the newest technological innovations on business.

Research and development teams of large companies determine how to use the latest in technology to make their products even better, or how to produce their products at a lower cost – whether by using new machinery or by changing workflows. Workers play a key role in this process, as they have to adapt to the constant change in technological advancements. However, this is not always easy. Many of the conference guests are or have been company directors or board chair people and practically all of them have been responsible for cutting jobs.

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