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i4j Menlo Park 2014: Esther Wojcicki

 “One of the main things in education that needs to be fixed today is the culture of the classroom.”

Esther Wojcicki, innovator in journalism education, interviewed at the Innovation for Jobs Summit 2014

  • Culture of the classroom must change
  • Some traditions of education are outdated – classroom not adapting to changing world
  • Teacher lecture students but should instead guide them
    • Teachers are like a distant well of knowledge where instead they should be an intimate guiding force
    • People learn by experiencing not observing
  • Allow self-directed learning
    • Better Motivates students
    • Encourages cooperation – especially with less motivated students
  • What businesses want/what students need to have
    • Ability to selectively prioritize
    • Organization skills
    • Literacy and clear writing
    • Ability to provide strategic input
    • Management skills – meetings, projects, budget, etc.
    • Public speaking skills
    • Ability to make decisions with minimal information
  • Students are interested in practical education – learning skills relevant in the modern world

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 Summary by Darius Mianji

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