Innovation for Jobs

Innovation for Jobs

Innovating a human
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The People Centered Economy

i4j Menlo Park 2014: Heather Munroe-Blum

“If you want to have whole-scale culture change, start by having some successful experiments that are exciting and engage people from the sectors that can make a difference.”

Heather Munroe-Blum, President Emerita and Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, McGill University.

  • Insufficient employment – People can and are qualified to do more work
  • Underserved population not getting jobs they are qualified for
  • Collaborative approach is necessary to create jobs
  • Planned economy run by government does not work
  • Experimentation with education to engage people who canaffectthecurrentparadigm of education
    • Primary and early childhood (3-4) education is crucial
    • Technical literacy
    • Poly-lingual – brain development and practical application – multiculturalism
    • Individual thinking and the ability to defend and rationalize ideas
    • Openness to growth and new information

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Summary by Darius Mianji

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