Innovation for Jobs

Innovation for Jobs

What is i4j?


‘New Narratives: Innovation for Jobs’ is a series by i4j (Innovation for Jobs) and the GPA exploring perspectives on important topics that will impact the future of work, jobs and employment.

About i4j: ( Innovation for Jobs conferences bring together individuals from the public and private sectors to discuss the changing economy. “We engage in initiatives creating structures for developing shared language across silos. The starting point for any innovation is the creation of shared language, enabling stakeholders and change agents to interact horizontally.”

About the i4j Paris 2014 Summit: i4j’s 2014 Paris Summit was organized with OECD, (The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development / an organization with 34 countries as members. OECD was originally founded in part to assist the famous ‘Marshall Plan’ so it is fitting that i4j Paris was hosted at the former Embassy of the United States, where the plan had been drafted.

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