Innovation for Jobs

Innovation for Jobs

The Future of Work is Now: Why Samaschool is taking its curriculum online

We talk a lot about the future of work. Where we’ll be working, what types of jobs we’ll be doing, and how we’ll get it all done. Here in Silicon Valley, most of that talk is driven by the increasing presence of technology, and the perspectives vary: Is technology creating or destroying jobs? Are we headed towards a jobless future where these disruptive technologies will change the economy and cause the next wave of labor unrest amongst workers?

While the “jobs” debate and determining the role of technology is critical at the policy level, we should turn our focus to the fact that 200 million people around the world lack access or the basic skills required to participate in the global economy and earn a dignified wage. 

At the same time, work through online platforms is growing by 22% compared with 3% in offline jobs. By 2025, online work will add $2.7 trillion to the global GDP and enable 540 million people to access work. However, despite the opportunity online today, many people don’t know about it, and don’t know how to take advantage of it. 

Samaschool Graduate, Kenya

That’s why we started Samaschool, and today, we’re excited to share that we’re launching new courses that are available online to anyone, anywhere with an internet connection.

The first certificate, the Fundamentals of Online Work, will cover the basics–the who, what and where of online work–and will help connect anyone, anywhere to the millions of jobs being posted to online platforms each year (and tap into the $750 billion that is reportedly paid out annually).

Since Samaschool emerged out of pilot mode in 2013, our 10-week bootcamp in online work quickly grew to serve low-income populations in six locations throughout the U.S and internationally to Africa. To date, we’ve graduated 600 people–over 70% of which were previously unemployed–and have raised average hourly wages by 27% for those who obtain online contracts. After two and a half years, we’ve decided to offer courses that serve an online audience to increase our impact and meet the growing demand we’ve received from students, organizations and local governments.

 In other words, the future of work is now. 

Samaschool Graduate, CA

Our goal is to enroll 10,000 students in the first six months, in effort to (hopefully) return 10,000 people to the workforce. 

The first 1,000 people to sign up are free so be sure to visit our page today and help us spread the word!

Onward and upward.

Tess Posner

Tess Posner is Managing Director of Samaschool, a global social venture that equips low-income people to succeed in the digital economy.