Innovation for Jobs

Innovation for Jobs

Hello, i4j friends: Today is 1st anniv of Opportunity@Work, which I launched with ideas tested at i4j last February. Please RT if you can! Byron

Byron Auguste

Wed Mar 09 2016 15:17:28 GMT-0500 (EST)


Proud of @OpptyatWork <> 1st year progress.
Talent is


Proud of @OpptyatWork <> 1st year progress.
Talent is far more equally distributed than opportunity. #TechHire
<> #ReWire

Byron Auguste added,
*[…]* @OpptyatWork
White House announces doubling of #TechHire communities on 1yr anniversary!
50 communities strong and growing!
12:09 PM – 9 Mar 2016

*Byron Auguste*
Co-Founder and Managing Director

E: […]

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