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Innovation for Jobs

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Is Unemployment A Problem Or An Opportunity? How Much Value Can You Create If You Hate Or Are Indifferent To Your Job? And What Changes If You Are Actually Passionate About It? Get The Answers From Innovation For Jobs Ecosystem Co​​-​​Founder David Nordfors

David Nordfors will talk about People who Hate or Love their Jobs and about Unemployment as an Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Investors, rather than a problem for politicians. He will also tell you about why Innovation For jobs Summit ( is something that never happened in Silicon Valley (and therefore in the world?..). Ever before.
5B people are of working age. 3B want a job but only 1.3B have one. From those who have a job, only 13% are passionate about it. If everybody had a job that they liked -or at least they did not hate- then everyone would be much happier and humanity would be creating many times more value than today. There is probably a $100 Trillion dollars market for innovations out there, which would help those 5B people get jobs they love and consider meaningful, jobs that match their unique skills, talents and passions.

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