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Innovation for Jobs

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The People Centered Economy

Do We Have To Race Against the Machines? How About shifting From A Task​-​Centered To A People​-​Centered Economy? Get The Answers From i4J Co​-​Founder David Nordfors

This is Part 1 from a discussion I had with David Nordfors, Co-founder and Co-Chair (together with Vint Cerf, known as the “father” of the internet) of Innovation For Jobs Ecosystem. We talked about:

  • The necessity of a narrative change, from a Task Centered Economy to a People Centered Economy.
  • Innovation FOR Jobs, instead of Innovation OR Jobs
  • The Economics and Mathematics of Being and Doing and Measuring Wellbeing, as a way to create wealth by improving and optimizing human interrelationships.Check out and and learn how you can be part of the solution.
“Efficiency is not the same as growth. Efficiency is task-centered: we perform tasks more efficiently. We can automate everything and fire all the workers. Efficiency goes up. But since workers earn less without jobs, growth can go negative.
Growth, on the other hand, is people centered: we create more value for one another. We can automate everything and find new, better things for workers to do instead. Efficiency goes up. Growth goes up.”
“Disruption does not translate into destruction. Disruption is change of economics. Disruption is change of scale. Disruption is new products and services that couldn’t even exist in the absence of that new disruptive technology.”

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