What Does the Internet Have To Do With The Collective Unconscious? A Conversation With VINT CERF About Wine, Culture, Technology & Globalization

I have the privilege to be able to share with you my conversation with one of the most influential person of our times. VINT CERF, the co-creator of the basic architecture of internet, kindly and graciously accepted my invitation to talk about the World as an Ecosystem: wine, technology, globalization, culture, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, disrupting unemployment, the uncertainty of change, the future of the internet, the danger of the Digital Dark Age, and much more.

The whole album include 4 bonus tracks:
– The People Centered Internet Initiative.
– The Danger of the Digital Dark Age.
– The Expansion of the Internet Across the Solar System.
– Values & Beliefs That Might Prevent Change (including Innovation!).

Vint Cerf, Cosmin Gheorghe

i4j team