Anders Flodström

flodstromAnders Flodström is a co-founder of i4j and a board member of IIIJ. He is a former University Chancellor of Sweden. At present he is the Education Director for EIT ICTLabs and former GB member and vice-Chair for EIT. EIT is a Horizon 2020 supported ERB initiative to meet European Challenges within key areas as ICT, Energy and Climate. He is a former President of Linköping University and of the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH). He has been the Secretary General of the Swedish Research Council for Engineering Sciences and the CEO of the KK foundation. He chairs the Swedish Internet Foundation (DNS provider of .se and .nu), ESBRI (an entrepreneurship think tank) and the Swedish Computer Association (15 thousand members and its two companies. He is member of the Swedish Academy for the Engineering Sciences and of the Swedish Engineering Academy in Finland. He is an honorary doctor at Riga Technical University, and at Aalto University and an honorary professor at Dalian University of Technology and Zhe Jiang University. He is on the advisory board of Tallinn Technical University.   Anders Flodström has written about 300 peer reviewed scientific papers and books. He has supervised near 40 PhD and numerous MScs. He is a referee for Physical Review and Surface Science. Anders Flodström started as a researcher at Xerox PARC. He has been a guest professor at HASYlab in Hamburg, at NIST in Washington DC and at Stanford University. He was the first Director of MAX synchrotron radiation laboratory in Lund. In the eighties he was an entrepreneur and owner of a SME company in the media industry.