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CENTURY’s cloud-based service offers algorithm-based personalised learning to students on a content agnostic platform. CENTURY collects data on students learning habits, adapts their learning journey based on multiple factors to improve their learning experience, and feeds information back to the educator in real-time on individual, class and school performance, attainment and progress.

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Code & Canvas

TO BRING ARTISTS AND CREATIVE SCIENTISTS TOGETHER, IN ORDER TO FOSTER COMMUNITY AND HARNESS CREATIVITY. THE BIG FOUR All members and projects at Code & Canvas must exemplify these core characteristics: Commitment to mastery: obsessively strive to improve one’s own personal abilities. Commitment to art or craft: contribute to the ongoing advancement of craft/field. Commitment … Read moreCode & Canvas

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Conversations for Good

Conversations for Good (“C4G”) is determined to end the confusion and frustration that comes with job-hunting. The growing 501 c(3) nonprofit organization fosters communication and clarity about various industries by connecting job professionals with curious job seekers for 30-minute informational interviews. These low-pressure conversations give professionals a simplified way to offer their expertise and give … Read moreConversations for Good

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  Craft is a data and analytics provider focused on the innovation economy. We aggregate millions of data points to curate in-depth profiles on thousands of companies in high-innovation sectors globally. Our data is free to consumers, and our mission is to massively improve how people find the best company for them, at scale.

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