Chally Grundwag

Chally GrundwagChally Grundwag is a senior advisor spearheading i4j’s creative implementation of emotional wellbeing, empathy based team building and realizing human potential through strength based approaches. She developed the concept of “coolabilities” – a general name for  the characteristic enhanced abilities that can accompany disabling conditions. She spearheads the R&D of the concept and is a member of the team. She is a professional mental health consultant with ten years experience with early childhood education, specializing in work with children, families and educators. She holds a M.A. in counseling psychology from the Institute for Transpersonal Psychology (Palo Alto) and degrees in comparative literature and languages from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. She has also supervised Israeli airline security in Europe. She is specially interested in transpersonal psychology, mindfulness, creative processes, unlocking human potential, Jungian psychology and archetypes, group dynamics and empathy based, person centered relationships. She is also an artist and occasionally shows her paintings at exhibitions locally.

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