horsesmouth is where social networking meets social enterprise; where personal contributions create public value; where human capital is unlocked to create social capital. It’s social networking with a purpose. It’s social networking for grown-ups. We call it the wisdomocracy. aims to provide an informal mentoring service for anyone who needs advice for running a business, accessing education or to get through life’s general challenges.

We believe truly that no matter how old you are, or what experiences you’ve had, everyone needs mentoring every now and then. But it’s often difficult to access the right advice on difficult or obscure issues from among your circle of friends. And there are times when you want to access advice without going through all the hassle and expense of formal advisory services; you just want an answer and you want it from someone who knows.

This is where horsesmouth can help. Join horsesmouth as a user and search for the issue for which you are seeking advice. Among our many thousands of mentors, you’re bound to find someone who can help.

Best of all, becoming a member and accessing the mentoring community at horsemouth is absolutely FREE. And we will NEVER charge you for use of the service!