Johannes De Geus

aaeaaqaaaaaaaajaaaaajdi3mdyzmdmxlwy0ymqtngzhni05mzfjlte3mmrkzmy3ytgymgJohannes De Geus is Director at CINOP Global, Learning Architect and Executive Coach.  At CINOP Global we carry out projects worldwide concerning the improvement of education in countries like Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Rwanda, Colombia, Bhutan and Afghanistan.

The circumstances change, the issues don’t. During my years as a teacher, manager and director, I redesigned learning programs with my team and my students. As a trainer and consultant I did the same in the companies I worked for. The question remained, ‘how to make transfer of learning happen?’

I amalgamate my work as director with speaking, chairing, coaching and hosting summits all over the world.
It’s all about teaching! In the Netherlands I set the agenda with an upcoming annual National Writing Contest (from 2005 till now) in combination with 2 books which deal with writing processes and writer’s block.
A second subject of particular interest is arguing and debating. I launched ‘how to influence’-courses (as of 2002) integrated with two books on arguing and debating. The third area I focus on is ‘boosting jobs and skills’. In 2011 I began a yearly national think-tank on the issue of sustainable employability and combined this with a book and several articles.