AAEAAQAAAAAAAAaLAAAAJGMxNmFjMzY1LWFjNzMtNDg2ZS1iNDI2LTM4MThkY2ViMWI3ZQLRNG isa collective shift in learning. It’s a bold new effort to redesign learning for the 21st century so that all youth have an opportunity to succeed. LRNG represents the merging of some of today’s most innovative leaders in Connected Learning, including John Legend’s teacher innovation initiative, Cities of Learning, GlassLab and the Badge Alliance. At LRNG, we believe that every person deserves access to learning that engages, inspires and equips them to reach their full potential, and our goal at LRNG is to make that a reality. Working together with schools, city leaders, businesses and community institutions, LRNG will build an ecosystem of learning that combines in-school, out-of-school, employer-based and online learning experiences into a seamless network that is open and inviting to all youth.

LRNG is powered by Collective Shift, a new nonprofit dedicated to redesigning social systems for the connected age and connecting people and organizations to catalyze social change.